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Apple Mac Advice

The solution may be easier than you think…

I have helped many customers over the years with hard drive and RAM upgrades, sometimes it is just a case of buying the Apple Mac for one reason and then ending up using it for many more, or different reasons. It is easily fixed in most cases with the installation of a Solid State (SSD) hard drive instead of your standard hard drive and/or swapping out the existing RAM chips for larger ones.

Apple Computers have made device changeovers very easy these days, like moving from one iPhone to another, with the assistance of technologies like iTunes and iCloud, or replacing your Apple computer using Time Machine or Migration Manager. It is always best to make sure the computer delivering the data, is in good shape, if possible. I have procedures in place to get the best result possible. I am happy to help with this process, or point you in the right direction, for online assistance. If you are in a muddle with these technologies I can help.

Don’t get caught out!

With all I can say in regard to the proper care of your computer or IOS device, there is one word that rings out louder than all the rest; BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. There is no excuse for not having a backup that is up to date. I have heard them all, over the years, and I hope I never have to tell another customer, ever again, that their hard drive has failed, only to find out, they have no backup. It is soul destroying for the customer and for me. I will add this addendum, there are some very good hard drive recovery services around but it will cost you big dollars and there are no guarantees you will get all the data back, or in a form that is easily reintegrated into a fresh installation of the operating system.

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